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Digital Edition: Veterans Affairs & Military Medicine Outlook 2019 Spring Edition

Just released: Veterans Affairs & Military Medicine 2019 Spring Edition magazine for medical professionals, veterans, lawmakers, and interested readers.

Containing up-to-date healthcare-related content about the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), its treatments for service members, and its research to bring new medical options and technology to veterans, Veterans Affairs & Military Medicine Outlook encapsulates this and more.

The U.S. Army Nurse Corps chief, Maj. Gen. Barbara R. Holcomb, discusses the shortage of medical professionals within Army Medicine as well as advancements like needleless IV systems and diabetic monitors.

VA research in substance-use finds opioids were slightly less effective than non-opioids, and it is focusing on treatments for veterans who have “treatment-resistant” depression.

Other topics include nursing history, combat nutrition, and much more.

Faircount publishes a spring and a fall edition of Veterans Affairs & Military Medicine Outlook.


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