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Defense Media Network is devoted to hosting all of Faircount Media Group’s defense, homeland security and military medicine content. Here you can access all our defense products under one roof. Defense Media Network aggregates all our publications in one easy to use web site and gives readers the ability to customize their membership to whatever content they wish to receive.

By subscribing to Defense Media Network you can access content of the highest quality on a daily basis, receive our weekly e-newsletters, participate in our blogs, read digital magazines and customize your subscription to our print editions.


  • Customized Membership: Create your own membership profile and receive only information that is relevant to your specialty. Simply by setting up your account page once, you can tell us which publications you want to receive, what stories you want to hear about first and play a role in helping us continuously improve the quality of our editorial.
  • Tag Cloud: All stories have multiple tags for better organization and access, allowing you to find content more easily.
  • Digital Publications: Digital editions of our print content are indexed and clearly labeled under each sub-category tab to make them easier to find. Articles are Google indexed and fully searchable.
  • Calendar: Conveniently track industry events by bookmarking our calendar and receiving updates and reminders on what trade shows or meetings to attend.
  • Social Media Integration: Easily link your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to “like” articles and share content with friends and colleagues. You can also use your social networking account to log in to our Defense Media Network RSS Feed.

Faircount Media Group has been an established publisher in the defense sector since the early 90s with military and government customers in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Clients include US Coast Guard, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Air Force, Royal Australian Navy, NASA, Canadian Air Force, Canadian Navy, British Royal Navy, plus many others.

Faircount Media Group has offices in Tampa, Florida and Sydney, Australia.