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Memorial Day

No stories today. No military history, no military news, no speculation upon or commentary on what the news means.

Just this: In 1918, at the conclusion of World War I, at the time called “the war to end all wars,” English poet John Maxwell Edmonds wrote an epitaph for the fallen, modeled on one written in 480 BC by the Greek lyric poet Simonedes of Ceos in honor of the Spartans who had fought and died at Thermopylae. It is seen on veterans’ memorials and monuments throughout the world.

When you go home,

Tell them of us and say,

For their tomorrow,

We gave our today.

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    Where are the crosses on our memorials nowadays. Our soldiers gave the ultimate sacrifice and for our freedoms. Why have the crosses been taken down, in honor of the Lord Jesus who gave the ultimate sacrifice for all?

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    Chuck Oldham (Editor)

    Judy, are you saying crosses in national cemeteries have been taken down? Do you have evidence of that happening?