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Dogs of War l Photos

Dogs have had a long distinguished history in the military. Their roles have included being used as mascots, scouts, trackers, bomb sniffing, rescue, and just plain companionship among others. More recently dogs have been used for therapy for returning combat veterans. The use of dogs in warfare will likely continue to evolve, but never go away as they continue to live up to the catchphrase, “A Man’s Best Friend.”


Steven Hoarn is the Editor/Photo Editor for Defense Media Network. He is a graduate of...

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    Rachelle Arnold

    Amazing pictures epitomizing “mans best friend” – great job!

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    Thanks for the kind words Rachelle. This may be letting the cat out of the bag so to speak, but I’m not really much of a dog person. However, it doesn’t take a dog person to recognize the impact that dogs have in the military. Some of my favorite photos above show the happiness dogs seem to bring the servicemen in the midst of war and anyone can appreciate that.