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Defense Media Network Unveils New Cutting-Edge Website

If you haven’t noticed yet, Defense Media Network’s new cutting-edge website is now live, with new features being brought online in the coming days, we are excited about providing our readers with a much improved experience and user-friendly website.

Among the changes are:

  • Easier browsing with a simpler organization
  • Fast performance
  • A site optimized for every device
  • Seamless design
  • Larger fonts and easy to read typography
  • Larger format photos in the posts
  • Facebook comments will now post directly to DefenseMediaNetwork
  • A new online shop where you can order copies of our magazines

Many months of discussion, consulting, surveying, prototyping, and programming went into producing the revamped site. We wanted visitors, no matter what type of device they were using, to be able find what they were looking for, enjoy it, share it, and explore further. This isn’t where we stop; more features and concepts are already on the drawing board, including new formats for videos and slideshows, contests, raffles, integration with our interactive digital magazine, and much more.

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