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Photo Gallery: Japan Disaster and Relief Operations

The extent of the devastation following the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami that struck northeastern Japan has been shocking, and its aftereffects will be felt for many years. While the rescue and relief efforts continue, and the nation and world anxiously watch the events at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant unfold, U.S. military personnel and assets are working side by side with the Japanese. This slide show covers only the first week of what will undoubtedly be a long recovery for the Japanese people and their nation, but hopefully gives some idea of the scale of the tragedy and the response.

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    When will you repair the photo part of this service. everytime I look at it the pictures are behind the comments. I love reading and viewing the info but I can’t fully enjoy it because I can’t put the story with the picture.

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    griselda Hernandez

    The world must unite to help and get to the survivors of this tragedy, give them shelter and help them get ahead again!

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    I agree with Brian Trammell. Love the service. Hate the comments mismatch. Until now, I thought that the problem was on my computer or between my ears.

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    Chuck Oldham (Editor)

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