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Thales RAPIDFire Multi-Role 40 mm Gun System

Thales has released video showing the capabilities of their recently developed RAPIDFire multi-role 40 mm gun system. The 40 mm is envisioned as being combined with the Thales Control Master 60 surveillance radar, Control View command and control module to provide an air defense system for mechanized brigade protection. The RAPIDFire 40 mm is mobile and can be adapted for fixed point defense or convoy protection missions. Thales touts the RAPIDFire as being able to defeat a range of air threats including ground attacks aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), cruise missiles, and precision guided munitions. The 40 mm has been enabled to fire up to six Star Streak missile system, a very short range air defense missile system. Optronic sensors integrated into the turret allow the RAPIDFire to be operated autonomously if required. Using different types of ammunition enable the RAPIDFire to be used against ground targets.


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