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Coast Guard Rescues Man in the Blue Fish Tote

The Coast Guard and a good samaritan vessel rescued two fisherman Saturday, Sept. 8, 2012, after their 28-foot boat sank on Friday. One of the fisherman, Stonie “Mac” Huffman, was able to struggle into a survival suit that stayed afloat after the sinking, but 19-year-old Ryan Harris was forced to take to a 4 X 4 foot blue fish tote as a jury-rigged “lifeboat.” Huffman made it to shore and was rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter from Air Station Sitka in the morning. After hearing about Harris from Huffman, the Coast Guard continued searching for Harris, alerting all vessels in the area to be on the lookout for the fisherman. Harris, after 24 hours in the fish tote, was spotted by the good samaritan vessel Nerka, and was pulled from the water by a Coast Guard Jayhawk a few minutes later. This video shows Harris being rescued. The blue fish tote can be seen momentarily in the lower right hand corner of the frame, drifting away in the rotor downwash.


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