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The Year in Special Operations 2016 Edition

The Year in Special Operations 2016 Edition

The Year in Special Operations continues where it left off by providing a top-down panoramic look at special operations forces today. Our “Year in Review” features dedicated coverage of SOCOM, Theater Special Operations Commands, AFSOC, MARSOC, NAVSPECWARCOM, USASOC, and a special international SOF review.

In This Edition:

  • Interview with: Rear Adm. Kerry Metz, Commander SOCNORTH
  • Interview with Rear Adm. Brian L. Losey, Commander NAVSPECWARCOM
  • Year in Review for SOCOM and TSOCs, AFSOC, MARSOC, NAVSPECWARCOM, USASOC, International SOF

MARSOC 10th Anniversary Focus

  • MARSOC 10 Year Retrospective
  • Interviews with
    • MARSOC Commanding General Maj. Gen. Joseph Osterma
    • MARSOC Sgt. Maj. John W. Scott
    • Col. Peter Huntley, Commander Marine Raider Regiment
    • Col. Jon Duke, Commander Marine Raider Support Group
    • Col. Brett Bourne, Commander Marine Special Operations School

SOF History

  • Marine Raiders on Tulagi and Guadalcanal
  • Entebbe Raid
  • SAS Iranian Embassy Raid in London

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