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Women in World War II | Photos




When the U.S. entered World War II, women joined the war effort with as much gusto as men. Although often limited to duties that kept them off the front lines, unlike the Soviet Union, women contributed in a variety of ways on the home front or behind the front lines. Women in World War II performed a diverse range of jobs such as mechanics, pilots, nurses, journalists, farmers, and factory workers. In order to contribute they joined an alphabet soup of organizations. The WACs (U.S. Army), WAVES (U.S. Navy), WASPs (U.S. Army Air Forces), U.S. Marine Corps Women’s Reserve, SPARS (U.S. Coast Guard), the Victory Corps, and the Crops Corps were all ways for women to contribute to the war effort. This photo slideshow, while by no means comprehensive, is an effort during Women’s History Month to highlight their often unsung performance during World War II.


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