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Veterans Benefits Administration Safely Resumes In-person Exams Nationwide

Although the pandemic has caused Compensation & Pension examinations to accumulate, VBA has now safely resumed in-person exams everywhere in the country and will schedule them as soon as possible.

VA has implemented policy changes that enable broader use of the virtual Tele-C&P and Acceptable Clinical Evidence examination procedures by both the VHA and VBA contract examiners.

VBA’s recently established Medical Disability Examination Office (MDEO) will provide oversight of the contract examination program, to include monitoring contractor production, timeliness, quality and invoicing.

While using multiple approaches to reduce the backlog, VBA’s primary concern will always be the safety of Veterans and examination providers during the pandemic, and it remains committed to continuing this mission. To mitigate concerns, VBA has established safety procedures and protocols to complete the examinations that Veterans need to receive a decision on their benefit claims.

If your in-person examination was not completed due to the pandemic, you can reschedule directly with the contract vendor identified in your original appointment letter. All examinations completed at contract examination facilities are held to the same safety guidelines as those conducted at VA facilities.

For more information

For answers to commonly asked questions about the resumption of VA claim examinations, visit the VA claim (C&P) exam resumption site. To obtain information on the examination process, visit VA claim exam where you will find information ranging from what to expect at a VA exam to how to schedule a VA exam and what happens after a VA exam.

For general information on Disability Compensation, visit Compensation Home (

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