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SHOT Show 2010: Pistols to Carbines

SHOT Show 2010 also featured the introduction of new “conversion kit” systems designed to convert pistols into accurate lightweight short-barreled carbines.

As an example, in addition to its MGRIP series, EMA Tactical used the live fire event prior to the show to unveil their RONI pistol conversion kit, a hinged polymer and aluminum carbine frame that opens to allow an operator to insert a handgun. Once the frame is closed, the muzzle and buttstock sections are pushed to the middle, securing the pistol in place. The process takes less than 10 seconds with the only additional action required being snapping a slide charging handle extension to the pistol. The resulting carbine configuration (15 ¼ inches collapsed and 21 ¾ inches extended) provides an upper 9.4-inch Picatinny rail, for mounting iron sights or enhanced optics, as well as additional mounting rail surfaces on the sides and beneath the forward extension.

“You can see the benefits of this,” said EMA’s sales lead Mike Grandy. “Special operators can carry everything in their rucksack. They don’t have to carry a close quarters/room clearing type of device. Instead they can pull this out of their rucksack, put their pistol in it, and they have a mid-range carbine.”

January 2010 saw introduction of the RONI for both full and mid-length Glocks, with near term introduction projected for the Heckler & Koch USP as well as five other models.

Again, EMA is not alone with their pistol conversion concept, as evidenced by another SHOT Show “new product” display by HERA-ARMS (Highgrade European Research for Small Arms) (US representatives Designated “Glock Carbine Conversion” (GCC), the stock system is available for Glock pistol models 17, 19, 22, 23, 31, and 32. The system is made of carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide material with aluminum rails on top and bottom of the forward segments.

The manufacturer points to “simple assembly through use of the existing front Picatinny rail as well as the included trigger bar bolt. Also included us an ambidextrous cocking handle, for right and left-handed shooters. The GCC has a super ergonomic design and allows the mounting of a front fore-grip, lamps, lasers and sights to the existing Picatinny rails. All models come with a cheek rest made of a high quality neoprene rubber for extra comfort.”


Scott Gourley is a former U.S. Army officer and the author of more than 1,500...