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Saab Sea Giraffe MMR to Deploy on Offshore Patrol Cutter

This additional order exercises an option on an existing contract which was initially awarded in 2017 and includes multiple line item options for additional Sea Giraffe MMR systems.  The initial contract covers manufacturing, inspection, testing and delivery of the radars, which will be deployed on the Coast Guard’s Heritage class offshore patrol cutter. Deliveries will take place between 2020 and 2021.

Saab has continuously developed the standard Giraffe AMB sensor to meet multiple missions in the U.S. sea services from open-ocean blue-water applications into the littorals.

“This is further testament to Saab’s success in the US,” says Erik Smith, President and CEO SDAS, USA LLC. “With Sea Giraffe, we have built a highly efficient and flexible radar that can be easily adapted and evolved to ensure we meet our customers’ current and future operational needs.”

Offshore patrol cutter 1

A port aft view of the offshore patrol cutter (OPC) is seen in an artist’s rendering. Note the inclusion of the boat davits amidships. The OPC requirements did not include stern launch capability, a feature on both the national security cutter (NSC) and the fast response cutter (FRC). Courtesy of Eastern Shipbuilding

In addition to the offshore patrol cutter, Saab’s Sea Giraffe MMR radar is also being delivered for the Hershel Wilson Expeditionary Sea Base (ESB-4) class ship, operated by the U.S. Military Sealift Command.  Saab’s Sea Giraffe variant referred to as AN/SPS-77 is currently being deployed on the U.S Navy’s Independence-class Littoral Combat Ships. Saab is also developing an AN/SPN-50 variant to meet the air traffic control needs of the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command for deployment on the Nimitz class aircraft carrier (CVN) and America- (LHA) and Wasp- (LHD) class amphibious assault ships.

Saab will carry out the work in Syracuse, NY and Gothenburg, Sweden.