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New Army, Navy Chiefs Nominated

Gen. Mark Milley nominated as next Chief of Staff of the Army, Adm. John Richardson as next Chief of Naval Operations

Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter today announced the nomination by President Barack Obama of Gen. Mark Milley as the next Chief of Staff of the Army, and Adm. John Richardson as the next Chief of Naval Operations. Milley is currently commander of Army Forces Command at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Richardson is currently serving as the director of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.

“President Obama accepted these recommendations from me, Secretary McHugh, and Secretary Mabus for the successors of our current chiefs Gen. Ray Odierno and Adm. Jon Greenert,” Carter said in a Pentagon briefing today.

“Both Ray and Jon have been tremendous leaders for their respective services over these last four years,” Carter said, “four years that have been critical for our military, and for the country, marked by an ever-changing security environment and persistent budget turbulence, but also by magnificent performance by these two services under their leadership. We’ll have plenty of time in the months ahead for the proper tributes and farewells, but for now, let me just say that President Obama, Chairmen Dempsey, and I could not have been better served. And the same is true for the American soldiers and sailors and their families serving across the country and across the world.  For that, we’re grateful.

“Gen. Mark Milley is a warrior and a statesman,” Carter said.  “He not only has plenty of operational and joint experience in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and on the Joint Staff, but he also has the intellect and vision to lead change throughout the Army. When he was in Afghanistan as commanding general of ISAF Joint Command, I had a lot of opportunities to observe Mark on the ground leading our coalition of allies and partners, and helping the Afghan people prepare to take responsibility for their own security. Mark and I flew to Herat the day after an attack on the U.S. Consulate there, and I saw Mark take command of the scene and stand with our people there. I was impressed by his candor and good judgement, and I knew right away that he had even more to offer to the United States Army.

“Likewise, Adm. John Richardson was a clear choice. He’s a bold thinker, a tremendous leader, and the go-to officer for many of the Navy’s tough issues in recent years, from preparing for the Ohio-class replacement ballistic missile submarine, to handling problems of integrity and ethics. He is in high demand. I had to wrestle him away from the Secretary of Energy, but as anyone who’s worked with John will tell you, he’s worth the fight. I told Ernie Moniz that if I could clone John Richardson, I would. I know he’ll do an excellent job of helping steer the United States Navy in the years to come,” Carter said.

“So to Mark and your wife Hollyanne, John and your wife Dana, congratulations. And thank you, and thank your families, for your willingness to concert continue serving our great country.

“And again, I want to thank Gen.Odierno and Adm. Greenert for their service and accomplishments. Both Gen. Milley and Adm. Richardson are well-positioned to build on that progress. And I look forward to working with both of them, and other DoD senior leaders, as we drive change, build the force of the future, and help the President with real solutions for the national security challenges we face,” Carter concluded.