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Navy SEALs 50th Anniversary iPad Edition Release

DefenseMediaNetwork is excited to announce the release of our first Apple iPad optimized magazine application. We have created a special release of the Navy SEALs 50th Anniversary publication loaded with new photos, video and exclusive content. Follow the link from your iPad and be sure to download it today. We would love to hear your feedback and don’t forget to share. Though only available on the iPad platform at this point, we plan to be releasing future title for other mobile devices as well.

Explore the tradition of the Navy SEALs through rich media content including video, photo galleries, and much more. We dive deep into the origins and evolutions of the early U.S. SEAL teams, follow them through their earliest operations in Vietnam to those occurring today, look at five remarkable Medal of Honor recipients, the equipment and tools of the trade, and wrap all of this up with an interview with NAVSPECWARCOM Commander Rear Adm. Sean A. Pybus.


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