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Launch of the Homeland Security Newsletter

The Homeland Security Newsletter is the latest digital media product to be released by Faircount Media Group.

The Homeland Security Newsletter will direct readers to specific content housed on, the main repository for Faircount Media Group’s defense and security news and information.

The newsletter is targeted at professionals throughout the homeland security community and related areas, and is designed as a regular companion update to the print edition The Year in Homeland Security, published by Faircount Media Group since 2003.

Editorially the newsletter will focus on key areas covered in the website, such as cyber security, education, emergency preparedness, homeland security-related programs and technology, law enforcement, and more. From time to time, we will also include interviews with the likes of the DHS secretary and under secretaries, directorate heads, mission leaders, industry experts, and individuals on the front lines, as they tell their everyday stories of protecting the nation.

This first edition of March 2, 2011, will be followed up on a biweekly basis until June 2011, when it will go weekly.