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John D. Gresham and Dwight Jon Zimmerman Interviewed on Fox About Their Book Uncommon Valor

Regular Faircount Media Group and Defense Media Network writers John D. Gresham and Dwight Jon Zimmerman were interviewed on Fox News about their book Uncommon Valor. The book describes the actions of the first six Medal of Honor recipients of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan after Sept. 11, 2001.

Uncommon Valor received the 2010 Military Writers Society of America Founder’s Award. This is the organization’s most prestigious honor and what makes this award particularly exceptional is that originally the founder did not select a book to be so awarded. Uncommon Valor was put on sale just one week before the annual conference, which was held this year at Pittsburgh, Pa. Founder Bill McDonald was the book’s reviewer, and his personal choice for the 2010 award.

Uncommon Valor is truly the best book on military matters that I have read this year – it is well researched – full of history and explanations and the stories are told well. It is a wonderful reading experience and delivers so much more than expected! It was truly worthy of the MWSA’s Founder Award for 2010!” McDonald commented.

“I am not often impressed with books – this one got my fullest attention and made me stand up and root for all the very best this country has to offer! Of all the books who we have honored over the years with our Founder’s Award – this one had no competition – this was and is the best of the best!”