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FNH USA Responds to End of SOCOM SCAR Mk 16 Procurement

FNH USA posted the following press release following the news over the weekend that SOCOM will not be allocating further funds to the 5.56 mm SCAR Mk 16 and will instead reallocate the money to buying Mk 17 SCARS in 7.62 mm.

Speculation as to the reasons for the reallocation of SOCOM funds to the SCAR Heavy continues. One of the more popular theories is that 5.56 mm just doesn’t have the stopping power needed in the longer range fights in Afghanistan, and therefore SOCOM wanted to move toward 7.62 mm. Another is that, with other M4-related programs ongoing, from improvements to replacement, as well as two different kinds of 5.56 mm ammunition now being issued, that there were too many programs, limited funding, and duplication of efforts. If SOCOM could ride the coattails of the big services’ modifications to or  replacement of the M4, it could save a lot of money, which could also be invested in 7.62 mm weapons as well as other things.

But here at The Year in Special Operations, we’re curious to hear what other information might be out there.