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Faircount Media Group Releases Defense Summer 2011 Edition

In the Summer 2011 Edition of Defense

Clarence A. Robinson interviews Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) about the defense budget, his views of various defense issues as a veteran and a legislator, and the future of the Marine Corps. That future is also the subject of J.R. Wilson’s article “Defining the Future Marine Corps.”

Defense: Summer 2011 Edition

Defense: Summer 2011 Edition

Edward H. Lundquist’s interview with Fourth Fleet Commander Rear Adm. Victor G. Guillory reviews the fleet’s partnership with SOUTHCOM, past and current humanitarian affairs/disaster relief (HA/DR) operations, and other issues.

The first catapult launch of an F-35C is the most recent success in the variant’s flight test program at Patuxent River NAS and Lakehurst, N.J., leading up to carrier trials. Exclusive JSF content, plus the digital editions of Faircount’s two official F-35 publications – commemorating first flight and delivery – are available online.

The Lightning II has been predicted by some to be America’s “last manned fighter.” If so, the progenitors of its successor are probably flying today, as described in Wilson’s “UAV Roundup,” and robots of a different sort are among the threats faced by the computer networks that link our defenses and underpin our economy, in Robinson’s “Halting Botnet Activity Rides on Detection Technique Advances.”

How to employ 21st century weapons, whether manned, unmanned, or cyber, constitutes the curriculum of the USAF Weapons School, and if you enjoy the interview with Weapons School Commandant Col. Robert Garland in this publication, have a look at the extra material in his DMN Q&A available at our site online.

Rotary-wing advances are highlighted in another Wilson interview with Sikorsky’s VP of Research and Engineering, with another DMN Q&A available online with exclusive content.

We hope you enjoy the edition.