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F-35C Sea Trials Aboard USS Nimitz | Photos

Last month two VX-23 F-35C Lightning IIs successfully completed a first round of developmental testing (DT) three days ahead of schedule aboard USS Nimitz (CVN 68), according to NAVAIR public affairs. The two aircraft made 124 arrested landings, 124 catapult launches, 222 planned touch-and-go landings, two long touch and go landings, and zero bolters aboard the Nimitz, performing beyond expectations. Four test pilots completed carrier qualifications, and issues with the arresting hook seem to have been solved. The aircraft also performed a night launch, touch and goes, and a night arrestment. It’s nice to see a new Navy aircraft carrying out flight operations aboard a carrier, and a welcome change, so we’ve put together this gallery of our favorite photos from the testing period.


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