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Education and Advancement the VHA Way

“The program has been well received by employees, creating a continuous demand for provision of this training. EES will continue to offer this training to all employees desiring to take it.”

The second category of programs includes what EES calls Process Improvement Training (Yellow/Green/Black belts).

“Change from the top can be ponderous, at best, but employee understanding of process fundamentals creates an environment of change at the lowest levels, quick wins gained through continuous small changes enabled by employee knowledge and understanding. Thirty-five Events employees earned this certification in the last two years,” James continued.

“Events has provided opportunities for this training for at least five years, seeking to provide employees the basic tools to recognize process flaws, recommend solutions, and execute approved solutions. As a result, we have gained employees capable of influencing positive and rapid change in VA from the lowest levels.”

“VA health care professionals are constantly learning, from diagnostic methodology to advanced treatments and the latest in experimental technologies,” according to EES, “and we’re continually improving our ability to provide top-notch care for America’s veterans.”

VHA-level training in the prevention and management of disruptive behavior (PMDB) has continually evolved and improved since the late 1970s.

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The VA offers incentives, scholarships, and career development support to nurses and nursing students. @vacareers Twitter feed

“Health care employees are at risk from potentially harmful disruptive behaviors. Widespread availability of training focused on handling disruptive encounters provides VA health care providers an increased level of situational awareness, proven techniques to manage encounters, and a greater level of confidence in their ability to enhance workplace safety,” she explained.

“Staff are trained to identify disruptive situations, recognize the signs that a disruptive situation could escalate to violence, and master their own personal responses, empowering them to intervene appropriately to reduce risk of injuries to self and others.”

The PMDB curriculum will be updated in FY 20 to be better aligned with the needs of clinical participants and veterans, she added.

EES also works with program offices throughout VHA to provide focused, relevant training to take care of specific needs of veterans through a mix of peer-to-peer and guided discussion forums.

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