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DARPA: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency 1958-2018

Faircount is honored and delighted to aid DARPA in celebrating their 60th Anniversary this year with the release of DARPA: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency 1958-2018.

For 60 years DARPA has stimulated the imaginations and creativity of scientists and engineers the world over. The internet, the microprocessor, and GPS are just three of the thousands of groundbreaking achievements that have been spurred by DARPA investments. Without DARPA, the backbone of our modern society would not exist, and it is that passion and innovation that Faircount is proud to memorialize in this publication.

DARPA: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency 1958-2018 looks at not only the groundbreaking paradigm-shifting successes of the past, but also at what is coming next. Working with DARPA’s researchers and Program Directors our team helped to chronicle DARPA’s next pivotal investments in breakthrough technologies for national security. Hypersonics, space, moving beyond Moore’s Law, and cybersecurity are just a handful of topics illuminated within the publication.

To learn more about DARPA’s history and future please open the free online digital edition.


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