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Cardiac Insight Announces Partnership with Lovell Government Services to Extend Distribution Capabilities to U.S. Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs Medical Facilities

Partnership Expands Access to Cardea SOLO™ Digital Health Solution for Early Atrial Fibrillation Detection and Diagnosis to Veterans and Active-Duty Military Personnel

Cardiac Insight, Inc.(“Cardiac Insight” or the “Company”) is a US-based healthcare innovator specializing in wearable cardiac sensors and proprietary software that automatically analyzes electrocardiogram (ECG) testing to improve early detection and diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation (AFib). The Company is proud to announce it has expanded its reach with a distribution agreement with Lovell Government Services (“LGS”), a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

“We continue to experience significant growth and are excited to further expand adoption of our portfolio by the DoD and VA, expand our reach to more clinicians and patients”

This partnership further opens the door for federal agencies such as the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and Veterans Affairs (VA) medical facilities to access the Cardea SOLO™ ECG system using federal contract vehicles. These vehicles include the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS), the Distribution and Pricing Agreement (DAPA), GSA Advantage! and the Defense Logistics Agency’s ECAT system for the medical supply chain.

“We continue to experience significant growth and are excited to further expand adoption of our portfolio by the DoD and VA, expand our reach to more clinicians and patients,” said Brad Harlow, Cardiac Insight’s CEO. “Unlike other ambulatory ECG offerings, we simplify the diagnostic process and enable clinicians to have immediate access to test results. We are committed to improving care for all patients, including our military and veteran patient populations. No one should have to wait weeks or months for test results. All of our current VA and DOD customers report Cardea SOLO is a step forward in cardiac care, and this partnership means even more facilities will benefit.”

Cardea SOLO™ combines a single-use patient-friendly wearable ECG sensor with 100% in-clinic automated analysis software – the only solution of its kind available at the point of care. The platform enables hospitals and physicians, particularly cardiologists and electrophysiologists, to eliminate costly ECG report analysis outsourcing and long wait times to get those reports back. Cardea SOLO facilitates improved patient care and better patient compliance while keeping patient data securely in-house, enhancing overall cybersecurity.

“Veterans at one time in their lives gave their very best for all of us. It’s our turn to do our part to ensure those same Veterans have access to the most innovative resources available for cardiovascular diagnostic technology. With this partnership, Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies who procure their ambulatory systems through the GSA and DLA catalogs will be able to access comfortable, reliable, and all-inclusive ECG systems,” said Chris Lovell Major, USMC (Ret.) and LGS’s CEO.

ABOUT CARDIAC INSIGHT, INC: Cardiac Insight, Inc. ( is a leading U.S. digital healthcare innovation company specializing in the development of medical-grade, body-worn ECG sensor technology and automated cardiac analysis solutions through its proprietary algorithms and software platforms. The company’s products include the Cardea SOLO™ wearable ECG Sensor and Software Analysis System as well as the Cardea 20/20 ECG™ – the only resting ECG System designed for cardiac risk screening in active youth and athletes at all levels of play.

Atrial fibrillation, often referred to as AFib, is the most common type of treated heart arrhythmia, with an estimated 2.7 to 6.1 million people in the U.S. living with this arrhythmia. While AFib itself is typically not life-threatening, complications from AFib if left untreated include increased risk for heart problems and heart failure, and increased risk for stroke. AFib is responsible for about one in seven strokes. Cardea SOLO™ ECG software quick detection enables care providers to immediately begin treatment.

ABOUT LOVELL GOVERNMENT SERVICES: Lovell Government Services Inc. was founded by Chris Lovell, Major USMC Retired, in 2013 out of a desire to continue to serve by providing specialty Medical and Surgical Resources to the Veterans Administration Hospital System and the U.S. Military Medical Networks. Having served for over 24 years, Chris also wanted to ensure America’s Warfighters had access to the most advanced lifesaving resources available on and off the battlefield.

Lovell’s primary mission is to provide exclusive medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical resources to the U.S. Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs Medical Organizations. Learn more at