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C2 Strike Mobility Commander

Some C2 applications call for agility over armor

While the U.S. Army’s semi-annual Network Integration Evaluation (NIE) events have created amazing mission command on the move capabilities integrated into armored Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected All Terrain Vehicles (M-ATV)-based “point of Presence” platform designs, some command and control applications seem to be favoring mobility over mine protection.

A classic example of the latter can be seen in the “Boar Battlewagon,” the Gator-based command and control platform developed by the Army’s 2nd Battalion, 30th Infantry (“The Wild Boars”).


C2 Strike Mobility Commander

Unbeknownst to many, another ATV-based command and control design has also been in development to meet user requirements favoring agility over armor. The new design, developed by RP Advanced Mobile Systems in McMinnville, Ore., is the latest addition to the company’s family of LTATV [Lightweight Tactical All Terrain Vehicle] Strike and Mobility Vehicles for special operations and rapid reaction forces. Prototypes of the new platform design are planned for public unveiling at the 2013 Special Operations forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) planned for Tampa, Fla., in mid-May.

According to individuals associated with the new platform development, the “C2 Strike Mobility Commander” is designed to fill the tactical commander’s needs for a command and control vehicle that is low cost, lightweight, and can be deployed by fixed and rotary-wing aircraft quickly and easily to the battlefield.

The vehicle was reportedly designed with input received from an unidentified U.S. military organization.

Unlike the approach taken with the previously-noted “Boar Battlewagon” concept vehicle, which emphasized placement of selected command and control systems onto an available ATV platform, the new C2 Strike Mobility focuses on creating an optimized performance platform designed to be equipped and integrated with command and control elements.

Developers explained that the new C2 vehicle is based on the commercially available BRP Can-Am Commander 1000cc side-by-side ATV platform equipped with modifications like RP’s new Fatigue Mitigation MOLLE Tactical Seat system, RP’s SOF Series II 12-Ply Run-Flat Tires, T1 Beadlock Wheels and a new electrical support system designed to allow prolonged operation of communications equipment while the vehicle engine is not running.

Other features include:

  • Severe Duty 4-Point Retractable Harness Kit with Quick Release Rotary Buckle;
  • RP Hard Armor Coating;
  • Blackout/Infrared capability for NVG operations;
  • RP Modular Ammo/Fuel Can/Payload Assembly;
  • High-Capacity, Multi-Modal Tactical Payload Flatbed Assembly;
  • High-Load Tactical Team Standoff Nerf Bar Assembly/Rock Slider with stow mode for air transport;
  • 12-volt DC to 24-volt DC converter for military equipage;
  • 110-AC Single Phase Inverter for Toughbook and accessory utilization;
  • Electrical Support System (NVG Capable) for extended duration power (12-and 24-volt DC);
  • NATO compatible receptacle for vehicle slaving/accessory operations at 24-volts; and
  • MSI Defense Series 2.5 Body Suspension Components.

In addition to the C2 Strike Mobility Commander, two additional new vehicle designs will be unveiled at SOFIC, based on the Can-Am 101 HP Maverick 1000 in both two passenger and four passenger configurations.

Sustainment and training for the new line of vehicles is being managed by; a leader in sustainment of LTATV, ATV and other Family of Special Operations Vehicles (FOSOV) platforms since 2006.


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