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Boston Marathon Bombings Response l Photos

In contrast to the horrors of the Boston Marathon bombings that left three dead and more than 170 injured was the response of the Massachusetts National Guard and U.S. Coast Guard. Massachusetts National Guard soldiers and airmen were on hand from the beginning of the Boston Marathon to provide security and assistance, and were among the first on the scene in the aftermath of the explosions. In a video of the bombing, National Guard soldiers and Boston Police Department officers are seen rushing to the scene despite the threat of more bombs in the area. Members of the Massachusetts National Guard and U.S. Coast Guard are still on hand to provide assistance during the investigation and to establish increased security in Boston. While President Barack Obama didn’t use the word “terrorism” in his remarks yesterday, he referred to the bombings as an “act of terrorism” Tuesday afternoon. We don’t yet know who was responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15 or all the details, but we do know it was an act of terrorism and that those who perpetrated this attack will be brought to justice.


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