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Benchmade’s Tactical Knife Legacy (Sponsored)

The realities of today’s dangerous world have forced metropolitan cities to adopt interoperable tactics for responding to incidences such as terrorist activity, civil unrest, or even natural disasters. First responders such as law enforcement officers, soldiers, paramedics, and firefighters now need to be cross trained in first aid and tactical operations. When it comes to TEMS (Tactical Emergency Medical Support), these first responders need a single product that is easy to use and offers the flexibility to address a multitude of tactical, medical and hard use operational applications.

Benchmade’s new OUTLAST is equipped with two primary blades that are controlled by Benchmade’s new, patent pending, Option™ Lock, without compromising lockup strength.  Either blade can be conveniently and quickly opened and closed with one hand. The tactical drop point blade features S30V blade steel, and has superior edge retention for basic cutting, slicing, puncturing and even self-defense. The working blade is super strong as a result of its opposing bevel design and super strong 3V blade steel. It also is fully serrated for chopping, sawing and cutting difficult materials, and has a blunt tip that is approved for scraping, prying and twisting. Rounding out its impressive feature set are a rescue hook, carbide glass breaker, and textured G10 handle scales.

Benchmade’s design team took on the difficult challenge of creating a single tool that does not compromise. It needed to work as well for medical responders, as it does for law enforcement and military responders. Quickly realizing that tactical blade designs are diametrically opposed to hard use, working blade designs, they looked to design an ambidextrous product that would house two blades, both of which would be excellent for their intended purposes. Additionally, both blades had to be easy to deploy and fit in a compact package. The patent-pending Option Lock allowed two blades to be controlled by a single lock bar.

Benchmade has a long history developing professional tools for elite military, law enforcement, medical, and public safety applications. Its iconic tactical legacy was forged with the introduction of the Auto Stryker, which was an aluminum handled, push button auto. Benchmade then set the standard for military products with the AFO (Armed Forces Only) in 1998.  The AFO was a large, durable knife, designed with the ideal size and shape to foster a rock-solid grip by the gloved hands of soldiers. Such a strong grip helped soldiers employ the attention-getting, steel pommel. The AFO also offered strong lock-up and a zippy spring, the likes of which hadn’t been seen in the military. Finally, the AFO introduced an upgraded blade steel which offered improvements in strength, corrosion resistance, and toughness. The AFO continues to be a military staple in the form of the AFO II which features improvements in the push button activation and integrated safety.

In 2002, Benchmade re-set the bar by introducing its first military knife using its patented AXIS® Automatic lock, which boasts a 100% ambidextrous design.  The AXIS Auto mechanism makes opening and closing the knife quick, easy, and intuitive for right or left-handed users. The Presidio® also uses anodized aluminum handle scales, but incorporates an ergonomically curved design and a bi-directional mill pattern which facilitates an incredibly strong grip.  In 2017, the Presidio received an upgrade of its own. The Presidio II improved the design with an improved blade to handle ratio and a more powerful and reliable spring.

Benchmade also offers several fixed blade combat knives such as the Nimravus, Fixed Adamas, and Special Operations’ favorite, SOCP products. The company offers a line of rescue hooks for combat medics and IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) applications. Benchmade’ variety of tactical products continues to set the standard for US and foreign military armed forces and law enforcement.

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