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EA-6B Prowler Ends U.S. Navy Service | Photos

Flies on for the Marine Corps

Last week, June 25-27, Electronic Attack Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet (CVWP), held a three-day Sunset Celebration honoring the retirement of the Navy EA-6B Prowler.

More than 1,000 guests attended the celebration, including many who flew aboard the Prowler during its decades of service. The Prowler first flew in May 1968 and began operational service aboard U.S. Navy aircraft carriers in July 1971. Some 170 of the big, four-seat electronic warfare aircraft were built, and were continually modified throughout their long service with the fleet.

The Prowler flew its last deployment with the “Garudas” of VAQ-134 aboard USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) in November 2014. It is being replaced by the EA-18G Growler, more often called the Grizzly in order not to be confused with the EA-6B during flight operations. While the Navy is retiring the Prowler, plans are for it to remain in service with the Marine Corps until at least 2019.