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U.S. Marine Raiders in World War II | Photos

The Marine Raiders were established during World War II as amphibious light infantry meant to land and operate behind enemy lines. The 1st Marine Raider Battalion – “Edson’s Raiders”– and the 2nd Marine Raider Battalion – “Carlson’s Raiders” – are said to have been the first United States special operations forces to form and see combat in World War II. In all, four Marine Raider battalions served operationally in World War II, distinguishing themselves in the Makin Island raid, at Tulagi, on Edson’s Ridge on Guadalcanal, and in later campaigns in the Pacific. Officially disbanded, the 1st, 3rd, and 4th Raider Battalions became the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Battalions of the 4th Marine Regiment, and the 2nd Raider Battalion became the regiment’s weapons company. The 4th Marines later became part of the 6th Marine Division. Personnel of the Raider Training Battalion transferred to the 5th Marine Division. The Marine Raiders are considered the progenitors of Marine Corps special operations forces today.


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  • I think that the “featured” Marine Raiders storry is short …

  • Andrew van Der Plaats

    The Raiders were certainly one of the very special forces groups, but it could also be argued that the Army’s Scouts who operated in the Pacific came into existance even earlier.

  • Do you have any info on a last name DOYING who, I think, was a Latherneck correspondent who covered EDSON’S RAID? Combat correspondent for Leatherneck who served in the Marianna Islands. His daughter Peg Doying Loop gave me this info. Also born 1912 9 lied about age) died at age 44.

  • Steven Hoarn (Assistant Editor/Photo Editor)

    During the course of putting together this photo gallery, I didn’t come across a Doying. A cursory Google search did show a Pfc. and later Sgt. George Doying who had written several articles relating to Edson’s Raiders as well as articles about Marines in the Pacific Theater during World War II. As you didn’t provide a first name, I am assuming George is the person you are seeking more information about. I would suggest contacting Leatherneck Magazine ( to see if they have more information about him. He sounds like a fascinating man and one who put himself in harm’s way in order to document an important story.

  • Thank you Steve Hoarn for this information I have given it to Mrs. Loop and she is very appreciative.
    Semper Fi, Tom Lucas



  • my dad james wilson was an edsons raider

  • Thank you for your father’s service. What veterans of any war went through is unimaginable to someone who has not experienced it firsthand. My grandmother had a brother who fought in the Battle of the Bulge and she said he came home a different man and never talked about his experiences.

  • Patricia Lavarnway

    I am trying to find more information on my uncle Lt. Joseph AL Fournier. He was one of the 1st 22 marines to be sent to Rosneath Scotland for Commando training. He later served under Col James Roosevelt in the 4th Raider battlion at Griffit & Pendleton. He then took command of G Co., 2n Battalion,1st Marines, 1st Marine Div. He was KIA Sept 19,1944 in Peleliu. I have many questions related to his service in Europe and keep getting dead ends. I would love to communiicate with a historian or writer who would be interested in uncovering my uncle’s mysteries. Among his medals are the Navy Cross & rhe Bronze Star.

  • My great uncle Nelson Pettebone was a crewman on the USS Nautillus during the raid as I have the letter from his file showing it.I also have his Presidental Unit Citation from the battle of Midway.

  • My father David Porteur was in the 2nd Marine Carlson Raider Division. He was 17 and a senior in high school when he enlisted. My father never talked about the war, so we have very little information about what he did. We do know that he was on Boganville during the war, and he said it was brutal. If anyone has any more information I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

  • Kenneth A. Sjogren

    My father Carl S. Sjogren a Navy aviation mechanic was with the 3rd Marine Raiders until an Naval officer discovered that he and others were aviation mechanic and pulled them out prior to an insertion. If anyone has anyone has any information about this, please contact me.

  • Kenneth A. Sjogren

    Thanks for honoring these brave men who willing gave all for our nation.

  • Steven R Wilson son of James WILSON

    He came home and was a good provider but I think many of his emotions were stripped away

  • Steven R Wilson son of James WILSON

    approval by who?

  • Kenneth A. Sjogren

    Adrimal Nitmitz

  • geoff sutton

    found a maintenance manual in very good shape for a GoodYear 10-man landing boat (Contract NOBS-12081) 16 pages, cloth cover in orange circa? Any use to anyone?

  • Adrian Reiley "Grandson of James Wilson"

    My grandfather was James Wilson and he gave me the book “Edsons Raiders” inscribed to me with his Marine number and well wishes. By the way hey “uncle Rat” Stevie Wilson that’s you right?

  • Neal Dabrowski

    my father Albin Dabrowski was an Edson raider. Im 57 and didn’t know him very well. My DAD died when I was 7. I’m SO PROUD THAT HE WAS A SPECIAL MAN .