Defense Media Network

Online, Sponsored, and Traditional Placements

From analysis of the latest battlefield technology and insightful interviews with past and present military leaders to remarkable accounts of historical battles, Defense Media Network gives viewers a unique perspective on all aspects of the armed services past, present, and future.

Defense Media Network offers an integrated print and digital media solution to reach decision-makers, influencers, and buyers within the military and defense contracting sector; active-duty and retired service members and their families, and an audience that is highly supportive of and interested our nation’s military, advances in technology, and day-to-day events.

With options such as banner ads that appear site wide and on our weekly e-newsletter; native editorial, and digital magazines with all sorts of rich-media opportunities to show your product to a DMN viewer, your message will be seen by hundreds of thousands of readers engaged by our content on a variety of platforms.

DMN Online and Native Advertising Unit Descriptions

Online Banner Ad (Run-of-site)

By placing a 300×250 banner ad on, getting one of our viewers to sign up for your email list, watch a branded video, download a coupon, or make a purchase is just a click away. Your advertising creative will find its way onto the site’s most popular pages, including: the homepage, within stories, on photo galleries, and on video pages. Regardless of whether a visitor is viewing us on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, Defense Media Network has been designed to deliver your ad copy in a clear and prominent way.
Run-of-Site, 300×250

  • $20 CPM, $1,500 package – 75k Impressions

eNewsletter Banner Ad

Packed with videos, photo galleries, and featured stories from Defense Media Network, the Defense eNewsletter gets read and shared. More than 29,000 active-duty personnel, industry contractors, and federal employees will see your 728×90 banner ad on a weekly basis.
Weekly Placement, 728×90

  • $500 per newsletter

Sponsored and Native Advertising Unit Description

Sponsored Editorial
Defense Media Network now provides you the opportunity to fuse your organization’s message seamlessly into our content stream. If you have a story that is topically relevant to our content, then we’d like to consider your article for placement on Defense Media Network. We do have certain requirements and limitations – it has to be unique, provide value to the reader, have an organic feel, and only appear on DMN.

  • Sponsored Article Placement with 3 images (minimum 12 months)
  • Native Content written by a DMN writer (1,000 words)

Sponsored Content Example: